Formula One Car Specifications

Formula One Car SpecificationsEver wondered on what special design that a formula one car has? What are the specifications and some of the requirements that must be met for it to be able to compete in the f1 race? Then go no further because this article will provide all those answers for you.

A formula one car is an open wheel and cockpit, having a single sit. It is fitted with two wings one in the front and the other at the rear, and an engine which is fitted behind the driver.


The car is made of two major elements; the engine and chassis.

The engine­­

As per the regulations set in 2014, all Formula 1 cars must have a 1.6-liter turbocharged v6 engines.


The chassis is made of lightweight material and carbon fiber. It must have a weight of about 702 KGs this includes the tires and the driver. Its dimension should be 180 cm wide * 95 cm high.


The semi automatic sequential gears are used with eight forward and one reverse gear.

Steering wheel

The steering wheel of a Formula one car can accomplish numerous tasks such as changing brake pressure, calling the radio, change gears, and perform fuel adjustments.


The car uses ordinary petro with commercial gasoline products.


The cars use slick with smooth threads tires with the following dimensions

Rear 355mm to 380mm

Front 245 mm


The F1 cars use brakes with disc having a caliper and a rotor in every tire.


Performance and speed

All the f1 cars should accelerate to 100mph in 5 seconds and be able to decelerate back to 0mph with the same time. Averagely, the f1 cars reach top speeds of 300mph. However, some cars are believed to go to 400mph or more. The numbers are all the same in f1 cars where slight variations may be experienced due to aerodynamics configurations and gears.


Safety is paramount to everyone in the race and especially the driver. The engineers are working around the clock to reduce the number of tragedies caused by the racing cars. The driver must wear protective clothing such as helmet, and neck supporting clothing. If you dream to drive formula one car then you should check formula one cars: specifications & performance which help to go in deep about these cars.